How To Join A Rat Pack In Your
City In The Next 48 Hours and
Party With Models In 
Exclusive Socials With
The Cad Club
"Not everyone qualifies to join this prestigious and exclusive international playboy lifestyle private social club, and I'm not just letting 'anyone' in. But if you have what it takes, your life will be transformed through the power of real friendships with like-minded men and  partying with  
gorgeous models around the world..."

Hi, Christian McQueen here.

I want you to take just a moment and imagine for me...

Imagine a moment in your life, in the past, when you felt unstoppable...

Confident, on top of the world...

How did that feel?
Incredible, right?

Where everything you said to a woman, simply worked, you could say no wrong, do no wrong and you were a magnet to all things great and powerful and beautiful...

The clock strikes 10pm as you fasten your cufflinks. 

The smooth gold in your hand brings a small smile to your face as you feel the 'click' of locking the cufflinks in place. 

Your shirt has that fresh just dry-cleaned feeling and as you put your suit jacket on and button it…in that very fucking moment you feel unstoppable in the world.

And tonight, you are...

You glance at the clock. It's 10:07pm.

It's almost time...

You check your profile in your bathroom mirror. 

Looking good tonight...

Looking like a man who gets what he wants when he wants it. You are just such a man.

You pour yourself your favorite alcoholic beverage, on the rocks, and take a slow slip.

This evening is off to a great start, you think.

This evening will be special.

This evening you will meet the most beautiful women of your life.

This evening you will break bread with like-minded men who are unapologetically masculine and could give two fucks about being politically correct.

This evening will be one for the books...or will it?

Your car arrives and you are whisked away to a secret location in a penthouse overlooking the city.

You know about it because you're connected...

Plugged in...

And have the right social connections that most men do not have and never will.

The doorman puts his hand out and tells you to stop.

Oh no...

Is the evening ending before it even begins?

"I'm with The Cad Club and here's the password..." 

As you're talking, you smoothly reach into your money clip and pull out your titanium Cad Club Key card and show it to the doorman.

His hardened face instantly switches to that of respect: you are in and now he knows.

"Sir, my apologies, right this way..."

He ushers you inside and into an elevator that's about to take you to heaven...

As you ride the elevator up to where your fantasies become reality, you take a moment to consider this journey.

Where once, maybe you didn't have the 'rat pack' you had always dreamed of.

Where once, maybe in YOUR city you didn't have the camaraderie you wished you could have.

The concept of having other cool like-minded masculine and playboy mindset men to have a cigar with, troll the city with, meet women and break bread all sounded great, but where was the structure? 

Who would put something together like this?

And then, a great man did put all the pieces together and you were lucky enough to get 'in' with him and the rest of these men...

And after countless nights with your fellow Cads, now you were all meeting in a Cad Club Confidential Volume I Party...

Right now...

Right in this moment...

It all came together for you and clicked...

The dinging of the elevator door brings you out of your daydream of reminiscing about the last few months and as the elevator door opens...

Your mouth actually falls open...


Right there...

Are you seeing things?

Standing before you are the two most beautiful women you've ever seen in your life.

They have masquerade masks on, but their beautiful facial features aren't hidden by the masks, merely enhanced.

They are naked.

Their breasts glisten lightly with glitter and as the music hits your ears and you take a breath for a second to purvey the room you realize...

That you're stepping into the real life version of Eyes Wide Shut...

Where your fantasies become reality.

The aroma of the room is hard to even describe you think...

If you could bottle a million dollars and the best pussy in the world then maybe, just maybe, that would be the scent that hits your nostrils as you step off the elevator into the penthouse.

You spot some of your fellow Cads across the room at the open bar raising their glasses toasting the beginning of a fantastic evening.

One of them, who you know from your local city Cad Pack Socials, spots you and says your name while waving you over to join the group. 

You walk over slowly with every eye in the two-story penthouse watching you.

You are the center of attention.

You confidently walk over, give your fellow Cads firm handshakes and order your favorite beverage from the bar.

Maybe you order alcohol. 

Or, maybe water. 

Or, maybe an orange juice.

It doesn't matter. 

These parties are so surreal you don't even need alcohol to make it fun. 

In fact, being sober will ensure you remember everything...

You stop for a second and think about how life used to be for you.

You'd roll out in your local city solo, which while necessary for a playboy to learn to do and is great for development of one's social skills, isn't always much fun.

You'd go to local spots and get some On-Lock, but you always felt like you were just slightly on the outside looking in and wishing you could be with the 'right' people; the 'in' crowd, but didn't know how to do it.

You'd pull here and there and even have hot-streaks where you'd pull some cute and even hot girls, but you always felt like you could pull the Top Tier girls...

If only you had access. 

You knew deep down that getting the Top Tier girls is mainly about access to them and that cold-approaching in the club wasn't always the best answer for girls of a certain caliber...

All of those issues aggravated you deep down because you felt held the fuck back.

Tapping into your full potential wasn't just about you getting on another level. 

It was also about you elevating your social circle which would drive you even more to reach for more...

Be more...

Get more and...

Give more.


You realized...

You had arrived.

You're startled out of your thoughts from a not-so-pleasant past by someone tapping your arm gently.

You snap out of your daze and take in the gorgeous female in front of you.

She's not naked. 

But, her dress flatters her figure and you realize she's about 21 years old and smiling at you.

"I noticed you walk in. I'm not usually forward, but I wanted to say 'hi'. I'm new to the city, from..."

You smirk and remember:

1. She's not an escort

Escorts are not allowed at these exclusive and invite only parties. All women are carefully screened and selected by The Cad Council before getting access.

2. She's not fishing for money

She's just actually at this party because she wants to meet High Value Men, such as yourself. 

She's sick of meeting idiots who have zero game and don't know how to make a woman feel like a woman.

As you start to speak to her, the music dims slightly, the soft lights illuminate brighter and you hear that familiar booming voice, the Golden Voice of Podcasting, none other than me, start to speak...

"Ladies and Gentlemen, dinner is about to start. Let's take our places in the dining room. To find your seat, look for your name-card on the table".

You excuse yourself from the pretty girl and head over to the table. 

You're starving and from the invite you know one of the top chefs in this city has created the dishes for tonight's meal.

You find your name card at the table and sit down at the large dining table.

You spot fellow cads you know sitting down around about you, but something interesting is taking place...

For every 1 Cad, there's 2 gorgeous girls sitting down.

In fact, you quickly scan the room and realize there's minimum of a 2:1 ratio of women to men, hell, maybe even 3:1.

You chuckle to yourself and in that moment you feel a gentle tap on your arm...

It's the girl you were just talking to.

She laughs gently and says, "Looks like Christian knows what he's doing. He sat us beside each other".

Orchestration is the word that pops in your mind.

Everything from the moment you walked in...

To this moment...

To later in the evening as the party increases in debauchery...

To the moment you slip out after experiencing the best party you've ever been to...

From meeting celebrities...

To chatting with me about a problem you've been having with a specific girl and getting some quick advice...

To the moment you ride down the elevator, not alone, but with a gorgeous girl on your arm, you realize...

You are lucky...

As fuck.

You are 'in'.

You are one of the few.

You are one of the proud.

You Are A Cad.

Then you smile to yourself just one more time...

Because you remember that next month you're attending The Cad Confidential Volume 2 Party, but alas, it's not in a penthouse...

Sadly, no, it's not...

No, the next time...

It's on a yacht.

I'll be upfront with you: most men on the internet are not right for this.

Whether you're right for it or not can only be determined by you filling out the application at the bottom of this page. 

I won't 'hard-sell' you on this, because quite frankly, the value is apparent. 

If you don't 'get' what's going on here, then you shouldn't be a part of it. 

The men, perhaps like yourself, who do get what a life-changing moment like this is, will be applying right now after finishing reading everything that membership to The Cad Club gives them. 

Before I tell you all about that though, here's what The Cad Club actually is, so it's crystal clear to you. 

The Cad Club is a prestigious and exclusive international playboy lifestyle private social club. 


The Cad Club focuses on 2 main objectives: 

1. Having the time of our lives with our like-minded fellow cads from your local city to cities around the world. 

2. Partying with gorgeous women from yachts to private penthouse parties in various cities around the world (some might be in your local city too). 

Naturally, other incredible things will take place: 

Like meeting fellow go-getters who might just be in your line of work and who you might just do business with, but let it be clear: the main objective of The Cad Club is pleasure first.  

Anything that happens as a result of your new connections and friendships that's great and I wish you the best, but let's keep priorities clear: Fun with like-minded men and partying with gorgeous girls.  Simple. 

Now that you understand what The Cad Club is, I'll explain who it IS for and who it ISN'T for. 

Who The Cad Club IS For: 

1. Positive, upbeat, men of action. 
2. Men who embrace the playboy lifestyle (if you're a suburbanite and love that life, aka eating at Applebee's and going bowling, then this isn't for you).
3. Men who are cool. No weirdos, trolls, or unfriendly people allowed.
4. Men who love beautiful women.
5. Men who are GOING somewhere in life. You don't have to have 'made it', yet, but you need to be working on getting there. In short, if you're a lazy slacker, then this exclusive club isn't for you, because you'll feel out of place.
6. Men who enjoy striving for and living The Good Life, or, as it's known around here, The Cad Life.

Who The Cad Club Is NOT For: 

1. Negative, depressed men who don't take control of their lives and adopt a victim mentality. 
2. Men who don't like beautiful women and settle for any woman who gives them attention, no matter how little it is.
3. Men who are lazy about life and have no ambition. If this is you, do not apply for we do not want depressed and pathetic energy around us.
4. Men who are weird and unfriendly.
5. Men who bitch about a cover charge, tipping valet or going to upscale joints. If you prefer wings and beer to bottles and models, then this club isn't for you.
6. Men who think custom suits are foolish, bitch about cigar smoke and wishes that they could just live in the mountains surrounded by woodpeckers and uni-bomber wannabes.

Now that you understand who The Cad Club is for and who we're not letting in, let's get into all of the membership perks... 

Here's just a few of the perks you'll receive as a member (if you get approved)...

Cad Pack 

Join your local Cad Club members every week for a once per week Cad Pack Social event. 

Whether it's smoking cigars at your city's cigar lounge, or taking in the view at the local new hotspot rooftop bar, you'll have an incredible time engrossed in great conversation with like-minded men you can't find anywhere else. 

You're under no obligation to attend, but you're always welcome to and if you're traveling, feel free to join the weekly social in whatever city you're visiting.

Access To Real Models

All of our The Cad Club Confidentials (the official Cad Club Parties) will be fully 'stocked' with Top Tier Women. 

You can forget about approaching women in a cold environment, because these women will be approaching you. 

We're also adhering to a strict minimum 2:1 ratio so you're always outnumbered, in a good way.

These models are carefully hand-picked by The Cad Council via picture selection and then called in for actual in-person interviews before being allowed into our exclusive parties.

This ensures only the greatest looking and best-natured women ever grace the doors of our socials.

If you're sick and tired of trying to find quality women who are physically stunning and pleasant to be around, then you've found the solution.

And by the way, when we say "gorgeous", we mean just that, gorgeous, not kind-of-hot-because-of-picture-altering-apps-Instagram-'models'.

Yacht Parties

What better way to celebrate life than with your fellow Cads poppin' champagne bottles on a model-packed yacht?

We love the good life and we're pretty sure you do too. There's no better way to celebrate your successes then on a yacht surrounded by great people.

The yacht parties are Invite Only (as all The Cad Club events are) and the schedule will be released to members on September 6th. 

Odds are, if you live by a major coastal US city, you'll be able to attend. Or, you can fly to the party. 

You are a jetsetter anyway.

The Cad Club Key Card

Fan of having a black anodized titanium card in your money-clip?

While you might be thinking of the infamous American Express 'Black' Card, I'm talking about the other Black Card: The Cad Club Key Card.

If you're approved for membership, you'll receive your very own 0.88mm thickness titanium membership card that grants you access to The Cad Club socials and events. 

Just show it and you're in. Easy. Simple. Luxurious.

If your application is accepted, you'll receive yours in the mail within 4-8 weeks of your submission date.

The Cad Club Online

On September 6th The Cad Club Online website launches and only members of The Cad Club will get access. 

Log-on and sort through events by City, Country, Week, Month and the year. 

RSVP to The Cad Confidential Volume Parties, Yacht Parties and more with a few simple clicks in the Member's Area. 

Contact Cad Pack Chapter Presidents in advance before you reach a new destination and get the red carpet treatment no matter where you go in the world.

We also have a slew of other cool perks we're releasing on the site, but we're keeping it under wraps for now...

Invites To Confidential Volume Parties

There are parties and then there are these parties.

From the esteemed chef's custom menu dinner, to the view, to the naked models, to the celebrities, to the music, to the ambiance, to the surreal feeling that you're dreaming, nothing can prepare you for these events besides these two pieces of advice:

1. Wear a suit

2. Bring your Cad Club Key Card

Or, you will not get in. 

You will not want to miss these parties.

Invite only and you cannot get access without being a Cad Club Member.

The full Confidential Volume Party schedule will be released on September 6th, 2017.

The Cad Quarterly: 
The Periodical for International Playboys

This is one of the coolest perks of being a Cad Club member and that's saying quite a lot based on these incredible perks.

The Cad Quarterly is my physical (NOT digital) 'paper and ink' newsletter magazine style publication that launches on September 12th, 2017. 

There's 4 issues per year, Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer and the Fall issue is mailed out on September 12th, 2017.

What's inside? Brace yourself.

I have written hundreds of thousands of words over the past few years. 6 best-selling books, hundreds of blog articles and forum posts, but yet, my best writing still hasn't been released.

All of the Cad Quarterly content is 100% new and unpublished and contains my BEST work yet on Game and the Playboy Lifestyle. 

I cover everything from Overseas Banking, to Bespoke Suits, to Next Level Game (new material), to buying your first Rolex, to making your first $100,000 and much, much more. 

In essence?

I've given you 'milk' with some small pieces of 'meat' over the years, but now it's time: I'm feeding you real 'meat' in my writing and pulling back the curtain on everything Playboy Lifestyle from women to flying private. 
But, that's not all.

In fact, it's far from it...

I've hired some of the best writers in their respective fields to cover other important topics to you like Men's Style (you'll know what outfits to purchase each season, piece by piece) and more.

But hell, that's not all either.

I even saved the best for last.

The Cad Quarterly also includes interviews with The Cad Courtesans (issue models) which are our interviews and photo shoots with gorgeous girls from around the world. 

In these interviews we dig deep into a woman's psyche asking the questions Playboy, Esquire and GQ wouldn't dare ask due to their obsession with being politically correct. We don't give a fuck and the answers we got will blow your mind.

The naked photos aren't bad either. Not bad at all.

The coolest part? 

Come meet the featured models at our special Confidential Volume Parties. 

You might just take one home. Your very own nude spread model girl.

The Cad Courtesans

As mentioned above, in The Cad Quarterly one of the features is our Cad Courtesans, the sexy models who are lucky enough to grace the pages of our newsletter. 

While you'll enjoy reading and hey, let's be real, even looking at them, the real kicker is getting to be meeting and partying with them at the Confidential Volume and Yacht parties. 

There's nothing better than healthy competition between women over men's affection and we're giving you the chance to even vote at the end of each year on who your favorite Courtesan was over the previous year's issues. 

Once votes are tallied, the lucky girl is selected, crowned Cad Courtesan of The Year in a special celebration party and one lucky Cad Club Member is randomly selected from the voters to enjoy a date with her in New York City, but that's not all.

We're also picking up the tab for your private driver and dinner and drinks; just wear a suit and be on your best Cad behavior.

That last part was a lie; we know you'll be bad, but it's okay.

Locked-In Introductory Membership Yearly Dues Rate

Your rate that you're joining at (if you're approved) is good for life. 

When the rate goes up (see the rate schedule below) you'll have locked in your rate for life. So regardless if it goes up hundreds or even thousands of dollars, it won't matter.

The annual rate you join at, is what you stay at, for life.

That's all we'll say on that, because we're kind of speechless too.
Members Around 
The World...
Fill Out The Application And Pay The Annual Dues Below. You Will Be Contacted Within 48 Hours With The Cad Council's Decision. If You Are NOT Approved, You Will Be Instantly Refunded The Annual Dues.

Applications Close Tuesday 1/23 at 11:59pm EST
"Why would I pay upfront, if I don't know if I'll get approved or not?"

Requiring the Application Fee and Annual Dues upfront ensures the following: 

1. Only men who are truly serious about joining The Cad Club will apply.
2. Internet trolls, weirdos and time-wasters never even cross our radar, because this barrier prevents them from even submitting an application.
3. Anyone submitting for membership shouldn't have an issue with such a small amount. If it is an issue for you, then no offense meant, but this club is not for you.
"What are the Annual Dues used for?"

The Annual Dues are used for the following expenses:

1. Private membership site development, maintenance and moderation expenses.
2. The staff pay, publishing, shipping and postage (plus a million other expenses that go into publishing a physical publication) for the paper and ink The Cad Quarterly that is sent to you every season: Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer . Fall issue goes out September 12th.
3. Event Planners. Planning and putting on events is very time extensive and requires professional assistance and expertise.
4. The Cad Club Cad Pack Presidents. This notable title comes with it the perk of a small stipend and this is paid from the Annual Dues. Due to the extensive responsibilities (albeit fun) The Cad Pack Presidents take on, this is a nice way to help them in their duties.
"Why are the Annual Dues so low?"
The Cad Club is exclusive, however, it's not about how much you may, or may not have. It's about how much do you fit the type of people we want in our international playboy lifestyle private social club.

'Cool' can't be bought. You're either good enough, or you're not. Money isn't a factor.
"Will I for sure hear back from you and The Cad Club Counsel within 48 hours with a decision on whether I am accepted for membership or not?"  
Yes. You will hear back from us via email whether you have been approved for membership or not, within 48 hours or less.

If for some reason you have not received our email, then check your Spam and Junk folders too. If you still have not received anything after 48 hours, then contact us at [email protected] and put 'Urgent: Application' in the subject line. We'll get back to you immediately.
"What is the minimum age requirement to join?"
21 years old. 

While we understand that in many countries you are allowed to attend events with alcohol and nudity at 18 years old, we adhere to all laws in the United States of America and require all members to be minimum 21 years of age.
"What is the targeted age group for The Cad Club?"
The playboy lifestyle is timeless.

Whether you're 21 or 51, you will have the best time of your life at our events and the knowledge you'll learn from The Cad Quarterly doesn't discriminate on age; it merely makes you wiser.

And as history wisely teaches us, even if you're 75 years old you can enjoy the playboy lifestyle like Hugh Hefner and Picasso.
"If I apply and pay the Annual Dues and get accepted and then decide a week from now I don't want to be a member, can I get a refund?"  

We do not want anyone who is lukewarm about The Cad Club. 

You either 'get' the lifestyle, like, or even love it and just instinctively know in your gut this is exactly what you've wanted your whole life and you're in, or, if you're on the fence right now, then we'd rather you not apply and save yourself and us precious valuable time we can never get back.
"Do I need to be rich or make a certain amount of income per year?"

You do not need to be rich, or make X amount of dollars per year. 

However, you should be a man who is striving for the good life. If you're content with a backpack and hostels, then you'll find this club and the members 'snobbish'.
"I live in Zanesville, Ohio, which is a smaller city. Will it still be worth it for me to join if my local Cad Pack is non-existent?"
The biggest Cad Packs will obviously be in major cities, such as Los Angeles, NYC, Toronto, London, Kiev (and similar) around the world.

With that being said though, depending on how far you are from a major city will determine your involvement based on what you decide to do.

If attending a weekly social isn't realistic for you, then at the very least make it a once per month event, or every couple of months.

With the low-cost of travel, it's merely about how bad someone wants to be involved.  

We'll keep it very real: if you can't make a drive, or jump on a cheap flight to get to an incredible party, then quite frankly: you don't want it bad enough and that's okay, just means you're not right for this club.

While our ultimate goal is to be in even small cities around the world, at the start of this, the concentration of members will be in major to mid-size cities due to how those cities attract playboy lifestyle living men.
"Do I need to live in the United States to join, or can I live anywhere in the world?"
You do not need to live in the USA.

We're holding events all over the world, including 3 in July and August in Cannes, France, Monte Carlo, Monaco and Barcelona, Spain and that's not even the official schedule, which is released September 6th with all of the dates, cities and full schedule on the Member's Site. 

So, whether you live in Moscow, or Paris, or Columbus, Ohio, you can join The Cad Club.
"This application requires personal information. How do I know that this site is secure?"
This page is protected with a 256-Bit SSL Certificate. 

Look up in the browser URL window. You'll see a lock with the word 'Secure' beside it. 

Feel free to click the lock to verify it and see that it's up to date. 

Your information is secure and we respect your privacy.
"Am I under any obligation whatsoever to attend the weekly Cad Pack Socials, or the special Confidential Volume Parties, Yacht Parties and events each year?"
You have zero obligation. 

You're free to attend all of them, or none of them, or some of them; it's completely up to you. 

The design of this club is not to force people to do anything they don't want to; remember: it's about pleasure, not pain.
"If I belong to say, for example, the The Chicago Cad Pack chapter and I'm visiting another city, whether that's Moscow, or New York City (or any other chapter), for work or pleasure, am I allowed to attend their events and socials?" 
Absolutely you can. 

That's the entire point: you will instantly have a Global Network quite literally, overnight. 

Inside the Private Membership site you'll be able to see the itinerary for each city every week, so you'll have the address and location for the event, plus the contact information for each city's Cad Pack President so you can reach out to them if you have any questions, or want to touch base before you meet up with your fellow cads in person.
"Does membership to The Cad Club give me free access to all events and socials?"
Your Annual Dues gives you free admittance to all Cad Pack Socials (the weekly events) and gives you invites to The Cad Club Confidential Volume Parties and Yacht Parties. 

The aforementioned events are limited in the number of Cad Club Members we can allow in, due to venue space, so how it works is this:

1. We'll release the date for an event along with RSVP and ticket information on The Cad Club Online Member's Only Site Events page.
2. You'll book your ticket immediately so you reserve a spot at the party and ticket prices will vary based on the event. There will be a limited amount of tickets for each special event.
3. You'll show up, show your Cad Club Key Card, we'll check your name on a list and you'll walk in.
"If I get approved and am involved for an entire year and then decide to leave the club, am I under any obligation to stay, including any financial obligations?"
No, none at all. 

We only want members who want to be a part of The Cad Club. 

If you do decide to leave then you're free to do so with no obligation at all.
"Is privacy going to be an issue at the parties and events? I hold a very esteemed position with a Fortune 100 company and need complete discretion..."
We have a strict No Photos Policy at the Confidential parties and any special events due to the caliber of people that will attend, ranging from corporate executives to A-List celebrities. 

The Cad Pack Socials are relaxed, but any closed door events (yacht parties, Confidential Volume Parties, etc) your privacy is 100% guaranteed. Our security has been trained in discretion and protecting you, a valued Cad Club member. 

If you do wish to get photos with the models and of you being debaucherous, then you may ask one of the staff and if the situation is appropriate, then you may. 

We get it, it's nice to show off sometimes.
"I have a question not answered in this FAQ. How can I contact you?"
Email us here and we'll respond ASAP: [email protected]
Fill Out The Application And Pay The Annual Dues. 
You Will Be Contacted Within 48 Hours With 
The Cad Council's Decision. If You Are NOT Approved, 
You Will Be Instantly Refunded The Annual Dues.
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